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Insect Growth Regulators (IGRs)

The active ingredients hydroprene, methoprene, and pyriproxyfen are mimics of insect juvenile hormones.  Applied as insecticides, these materials disrupt the processes of insect molting and reproductive development. A broad spectrum is offered and they have long-residual activity, however, they will be slow to exhibit effects and have no knockdown activity.  Insect growth regulators need to be used in a preventative or protectant mode in clean situations, or in conjunction with other insecticides if immediate control is needed. Include IGR’s with other insecticides to extend residual activity from a treatment, and for an additional insecticide mode of action to prevent development of resistance.

The active ingredients hydroprene, methoprene, and pyriproxyfen are similar in their mode of action, however chemical characteristics and product registration differences are profound.


Hydroprene is the most volatile of the IGR’s. Heavier than air, it will move deeper and sideways within the micro environment of cracks and crevices when applied as a spray. Vapor movement of hydroprene might also be an advantage when included in space treatments.

Hydroprene is degraded by sunlight so use should be limited to indoors.

Gentrol IGR 9% Hydroprene

Fog, spot or crack & crevice treatment, including use in food processing facilities. For control of cockroaches, stored product insects and fleas.

Item #15-155 Gentrol IGR Sold by pint (6 pints per case)
Item #15-1550 Gentrol IGR Pacs Sold by the box (10 bottles per box)

Gentrol Point Source 90.6% Hydroprene

A device that releases Gentrol ™ vapor into small spaces. Ideal for placement within electrical boxes and small compartments.

Item #15-161 Gentrol Point Source Sold by the box (20 devices per box)


Highly effective at low doses. A medium rate of application has protected wheat in country elevators for 2 years in the face of heavy pressure from lesser grain borers. Labeled for direct application to all grains and seed including popcorn, sunflower seeds, and legumes as well as spices, animal feed and ingredients. Versatile Diacon products can also be used for empty bins, top dress treatments, and food processing plants. Effectively controls all stored product insects except the true weevils (sitophil=s spp., rice weevil, granary weevil, and maize weevil).  This group escapes virtually any treatment except fumigation. Insect growth regulators (IGR’s) work by disrupting the complex transformation of insects from larva to pupa, or pupa to adult. Immature insects that have sub-lethal exposures are likely to be sterile as adults. IGR’s have no knockdown activity or effects on adults present at treatment, but breaking population growth cycles achieves excellent residual control. Methoprene has been granted an exemption from tolerance in the United States in recognition of its safety characteristics. Codex tolerances are in place for exported commodities. Caution labels. Non-restricted. Virtually odorless.

Diacon IGR- Liquid Concentrate

Diacon IGR is the better choice for precise applications to grain streams or high value commodities. Mix with water, dust control oils, or tank mix with knockdown insecticides. May be fogged or sprayed in facilities in addition to grain treatments. A range of application rates are available for short, medium or long term storage protection.

Item #15-353 Diacon IGR (4-1 gallon per case)
Item #15-355 Diacon IGR (4-1 liter bottles per case)
Item #15-356 Diacon IGR (2-2.5 gallons per case)

Diacon D IGR

A new ready to use dry product that will be convenient where liquid grain protectant applications are not practical, for dusting empty bins, and top dressing full bins. Apply by dribbling into a grain steam or with a high capacity duster. Diacon D IGR is a very fine grit rather than a fluffy dust. Non-abrasive. Will not affect grain flowability. Top dress rate: 8 lbs. per 1000 square feet of surface area.

Item #15-360 Diacon IGR D Sold by a 40 Lb. Box

Centynal Insecticide

Centynal Insecticide, with its active ingredient deltamethrin, provides broad-spectrum insect control with a long lasting residual. In addition, it features a broad use pattern that allows for application to a variety of grains and seeds, as well as use as a bin treatment or perimeter spray.

Item #15-354 Centynal Insecticide (4-1 gallon per case)


Pyriproxyfen is non-volatile and stable in sunlight.


Nyguard features the broadest label among the IGR’s including uses both indoors and outdoors. This versatile product can assist in the management of pests as diverse as stored product pests, cockroaches, flies, and mosquito larvae.

Item #15-2256 Nyguard IGR Sold by the 140 ML bottle (10 bottles per case)

Top Dresser

Top Dresser Dust Applicator Kit

Ideal for top dressing Diacon IGR D or Diacon Diatomaceous Earth. Compute area of grain surface to determine product needs.
(Apply Diacon IGR D @ 8 oz per 1000 sq ft) Heaping scoop = 1.5 lbs of Diacon IGR D. Load pail with appropriate quantity for grain surface. Applicator is powered by your compressed air system. Top dress elevator bins in a matter of seconds from the top hatch without entering bin.

Item #61-2986 Top Dresser Application Kit with Bucket,Scoop and Applicator