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Special Offers

MAY 1 – May 31, 2018

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Diacon IGR – Liquid Concentrate

The most widely used grain protectant in the US today, Diacon IGR is providing two years or more of protection against lesser grain borers and most other stored grain insects at an extremely economical cost.  In addition to its use as a grain protectant Diacon IGR can add a second mode of action and longer residual performance in tank mixes with other residuals for empty bins and a wide variety of other facility applications.  Diacon IGR can also be fogged as a space treatment in food processing facilities.  Safety characteristics of the active ingredient have earned it an exemption from the requirement for a tolerance so Diacon IGR has one of the most liberal and versatile labels on the market.

Item #15-353 Diacon IGR (4-1 gallon per case)
Item #15-355 Diacon IGR (4-1 liter bottles per case)
Item #15-356 Diacon IGR (2-2.5 gallons per case)

Diacon IGR Plus

Diacon IGR Plus is a premix of Diacon IGR and Centynal EC.  It controls the full spectrum of grain insects including weevils and has all the versatility of Diacon IGR and Centynal tank mixes in one convenient package.

Item #15-358 Diacon IGR Plus (10-1 quart bottles per case)
Item #15-359 Diacon IGR Plus (2-2.5 gallon bottles per case)

Centynal EC Insecticide

Centynal EC is labeled for direct application to grain for protective treatments usually in combination with Diacon IGR.  Three important insects will not be controlled by Diacon IGR: Rice Weevil, Maize Weevil and Granary Weevil.  These species can all be recognized by their distinctive long weevil snouts.  Where there is weevil pressure (most serious in the South), or other species of active insects a tank mix of Centynal and Diacon IGR is the remedy.  Centynal contains a familiar long-residual synthetic pyrethroid active ingredient, deltmethrin for knockdown of active insects including weevils.  Centynal or tank mixes are also versatile for use in empty bins, and indoors or outside storage facilities.  Centynal is now an improved EC formulation for easier mixing in either water or dust control oil solutions.

Item #15-362 Centynal EC Insecticide (4-1 gallon bottles per case)

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