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Featured New Products

TakeDown Soft Bait

TakeDown soft bait is the first and only bromethalin soft bait for the professional pest control market. It combines the power of an acute rodenticide with the palatability of soft bait. Effective for heavy infestations, especially in a commercial setting. Combats anticoagulant-resistant rodent populations.

See our Rodenticide page for more information. 

Border Control

Border Control is a thin paper-backed glue board that comes in a 60-foot roll that is one foot wide. It is easy to carry, simple to deploy and can fence off crawling insects or mice quickly and easily. Border Control can be cut to fit almost any situation and is brightly colored for visibility.

See our Insect Monitoring & Control Products page for more information. 

STORGARD® DOME™ Quick-Change™

The new Trece Quick-Change Traps feature the best of the traditional dome trap with a new, easy to use, removable lure tray for easily changing.  With the same powerful pheromone attractant, these traps now have a more powerful kairomone lure to broaden the attractiveness.  The new removable bases also make counting and identifying the trapped insects much easier and faster.  Single species and multi-species traps are available.  Place along the floor-wall junctions and other areas where regular traffic is not likely to disturb them.

STORGARD® Quick-Change™ Brochure

See Insect Monitoring & Control Products for More Information