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IFC is your single source for a full line of pest management products. As a distributor and end user of superior pest management products, IFC works closely with manufacturers to convey the need for properly labeled, efficacious products for the food and commodity industries. As manufacturers revise existing products and develop new products, IFC provides input as to labeling needs for food additive tolerances, food plant clearance, and approval for use in USDA-regulated plants.

Equipment for Application

Equipment specifically designed for application of pesticides around food processing equipment is essential for the best results in any pest management program. IFC has a complete range of equipment for application of fumigants, rodenticides, avicides, herbicides, and insecticides, along with all safety equipment necessary for each type of application. This includes standard sprayers and dusters, mechanical and automatic foggers and other equipment. Our supplies include Micro-Gen, B&G, Spraying Systems, Draeger, MSA, Ketch-All, and our proprietary fogging system, Aero-Tech®.

Safety Monitoring and Personal Protection

IFC has the latest safety and monitoring devices for toxic gases, fumigants, and pre-entry testing of confined spaces. Our staff is available to recommend the most appropriate gas detection equipment for your needs, as well as provide training and equipment service. We also offer a complete line of safety equipment, i.e., respiratory protection, spill kits, safety suits, gloves, and other protective equipment.

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