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Fogging Equipment

Conventional Foggers


This system uses plastic bottles with brass nozzle heads powered by compressed air which is plumbed throughout many facilities. Aerosol fog dispenses in 4 directions at once. The bottles are suspended at an appropriate ceiling height for best results. The controls can be either manual or on a timer.

Pyrethrin (4-1)

Item #61-1390 Insect-O-Jet Assembly w/o Gal jug #6130C
Item #61-1400 Insect-O-Jet 1 Gal #6130C
Item #61-1410 Insect-O-Jet 2 Qt #6130B

Vapona (4-2)

Item #61-139 Insect-O-Jet Unit w/o gal jug #6130C
Item #61-145 Insect-O-Jet 1 Gal #6130C

Insect-O-Jet Accessories

Item #61-143 Plastic Jug for the Sprayer -1 gal #6130C
Item #61-142 Plastic Jug for the Sprayer-2 qt #6130B

Electric Foggers (ULV and Non-ULV)

B&G Heavy Duty Foggers

B&G My-Ti-Lite #2300

Non-ULV fogger. Preset discharge of 9 oz./min. Handles both water-based and oil-based liquids.

Item #61-3022 My-Ti-Lite Fogger #2300

B&G Ultra-Lite #2400

A durable fogger with an adjustable flow from 0-9 oz./min. Handles both water-based and oil-based liquids.

Item #61-3023 Ultra Lite Fogger #2400

B&G Flex-A-Lite #2600

A electric fogger comparable to the Ultra-Lite with the nozzle attached to a flex hose. It has adjustable flow control from 0-9 ounces per minute. Average droplet size ranges from under 20 microns to 80 microns at full flow rate.

Item #61-3024 Flex-A-Lite # 2600

B&G Mini Dust-R

Mini duster for dispensing up to 1/2 pound rodent tracking powder or insecticide dusts. It has a crack and crevice tip for application in hidden locations.

Item #63-113 Mini-Duster Model 1151-M
Item #63-109 Dust-R Model 1152-A


Fogmaster Micro-Jet #7401 Fogger

A one gallon electric fogger with a liquid flow rate of 0 to 10 oz/min. at typical ULV application rates, this unit covers 2-4,000 cubic feet per minute. The flow control permits controlled particle size of 7 to 30 microns. Handles both water-based and oil-based liquids.

Item #61-230 Micro-Jet Fogger #7401

Fogmaster Tri-Jet #6208 Fogger

A one gallon electric “cold fogger” with three counter-rotating vortex nozzles. The flow rate is adjustable from 0-10 oz/min. handles both water-based and oil-based liquids.

Item #61-232 Tri-Jet Fogger #6208

Fogmaster Pow-R-Jet #6309 Fogger

The Fogmaster Pow-R-Jet 6309 features automatic dispersion in an easy, one-step operation. Liquid is discharged at about 10 oz/min as a heavy, wet fog that settles quickly. An optional flow restriction orifice allows the fogger to operate at a lower (but still fixed) flow rate in order to produce finer droplets. The Pow-R-Jet is ideal for increasing humidity and dispensing sanitizers. The durable aluminum body is constructed to resist weathering and chemicals. Both water- and oil-based solutions can be misted through the no-clog nozzle.

Item #61-221 Pow-R-Jet #6309

Fogmaster Noz-Jet #7807 Fogger

The Fogmaster Noz-L-Jet 7807 fogger features a hose and wand with discharge control. Lightweight and portable, it allows “spot” fogging without filling the room or wasting chemical. When you want fog, just aim the nozzle and press the thumb valve. It’s spring loaded for one-handed operation, but can be latched “on” if you want continuous output. No matter what your task, the Noz-L-Jet’s powerful 30 cfm blower makes it quick work. A separate regulating valve in the power head controls droplet size in the discharge stream. Open up the valve for large mist droplets which settle quickly. Turn it down for small fog particles with longer float times and better penetration.

Item #61-215 Noz-Jet #7807

Fogmaster In-Line Timer #7304

For automatic shut-off of fogging equipment. The timer can be set for any length of time up to one hour.

Item #60-206 In-Line Timer

Root Lowell

Root Lowell #1035B ULV Sprayer

A two gallon electric fogger designed for undiluted concentrate solutions. It discharges an average particle size of 8.5 microns up to 100 feet in still air. Flow control permits discharge volume from 0.25 to 13.2 ounces per minute.

Item #61-220 Root Lowell Fogger ULV #1035B

Plan B Foggers

PLAN B Fogger E-IV

This uniquely designed twin nozzle, electric powered ULV unit will treat areas up to 300,000 cubic feet. The E-IV includes its own wall mounting brackets and features dual nozzles which can be individually adjusted for directional spray with a choice of chemical flow rates ranging from 1.5 to 5 OPM (44-148 ml/min). E-IV options include separate wall brackets to hold either a 2.5 or 5 gallon (9 or 18 liter) jug/pail, automatic timer, and handcart (includes automatic timer). Whether treating an open or divided areas, prescribed amounts of chemical per area can be determined by the timer controls and/or selected chemical flow rates.

Item #61-2756 PLAN B Fogger E-IV Twin Nozzle 120V #80-20-7230

PLAN B E-IV Hand Cart W/Timer

The optional hand cart transforms the E-IV to a mobile chemical dispersal unit. The powder coated cart was designed with total portability in mind – it includes a space to hold up to a 5 gallon chemical container, a securing strap, a mounted 24 hour timer with protective cover and a cable wrap for extension cord storage.

Item #61-4000 PLAN B E-IV Hand Cart W/Timer #80-20-7242

Phoenix Fogger

Phoenix Fogger 500LD

This unit is ideal for use in warehouses and food plants. Equipped with a 5.5 HP Briggs and Stratton Intek IC OHV engine, the 500 LD provides a reliable and easy start. It has steel construction with durable chemical resistant, powder-coat finish on all frame parts and a vertical nozzle, constructed with brass and stainless steel, in a fixed position. Wheel or skid mounted.

Item #61-229 Phoenix Fogger 500LD-ES #52-07-0052 Wheel Mount Swivel Head
Item #61-235 Phoenix Fogger 500LD #52-07-0053 Wheel Mount Swivel Head

Aerosol Application Equipment

System III Complete

A convenient, lightweight, hands free carrying and application system for the BASF Prescription Treatment (PT) size pressurized insecticides. It has a belt with a pouch, gun, squeeze can clamp and coiled hose to apply either a residual or ULV product.

Item #61-2249 System III Complete-45091620-Blue or 45091621-Red

System III Accessories

Item #61-2241 System III Gun and Hose 45091700-Blue or 45091694-Red
Item #61-2242 System III Pouch Large 45091651

Bio-Assay Cards

Fog & Bug Chek

For monitoring the effectiveness of DDVP fogging or fumigation. Live insects are carefully sealed in a specially designed placard with a clear window, through which the results are read without opening.

Item #200-120 Fog & Bug Chek
Item #20-122 Fog & Bug Chek Pyrethrin Pan (for use when Fogging with Pyrethrin)