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Fumigant Application Equipment

Fumigation Supplies

Fumi-Cel Bags

Cotton bag in which to place Fumi-Cel Plates to insure that all residue is contained. Warning markings are stenciled on each.

Item #70-1530 Fumi-Cel Bags-Bundles of 50-Sold by Each

Fumigation Discs & Squares

Corrugated cardboard discs and rectangles to hold aluminum phosphide prepac strips or bags. Designed for railcar fumigations.

Item #70-1534 Disc for Prepac 22″
Item #70-1535 Disc for Prepac 33″
Item #70-1536 Squares Prepac 22″


A low velocity air recirculation method for fumigation of any grain mass in gas tight storage. This system consists of blower motor and flanges.

Item #70-133 J-System LMF-3 110V with a Flange
Item #70-132 J-System LMF-3 110V without Flange

Available on Request: A3 Blower and B9 Blower

Phosphine Pellet Dispenser

For automatic dispensing of aluminum phosphide pellets in grain storage facilities. It is portable, has a see-through hopper and is easy to install. This applicator insures even distribution of Fumigants and reduces handling problems.

Item #70-120 Pellet Applicator

Railcar Hatch Aeration Screen

A custom designed reinforced plastic hatch cover for railcars that features a fine mesh screen that prevents insect entry during aeration.

Item #70-130 Hatch Aeration Screen

Dry Disposable Drum

For holding spent aluminum phosphide sachets or prepac strips prior to dry disposal. Kit consists of a false floor, vented lid and locking device used with a 55 gallon drum.

Item #70-1532 Dry Disposable Drum

Wire Holding Basket

Safe storage of spent phostoxin prepac strips or Fumi-cel Plates prior to wet or dry disposal. A sturdy steel wire basket with locking top.

Item #70-1533 Wire Holding Basket

Elastic Rope

Durable rubber encased nylon for securing tarps and polyethylene sheeting over roof vents and other openings during fogging and fumigation.

Item #71-511 1/4″ Rope ft 300 ft per roll


Item #163-242 1/4″ Poly Tubing 1000 ft/roll
Item #163-244 3/8″ Poly Tubing 1000 ft/roll

Aisle Markers

Plastic circles, 2 inch or larger, in yellow. For marking specific locations or designating aisle and wall access.

Item #71-550 Markers 500 per pkg

Also see Gas Detection Equipment