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Phosphine gas can control all developmental stages of stored product pests. The gas penetrates all kinds of packaging material as well as densely packed commodities. The Phosphide Fumigant can contain Pellets, Tablets, or Pre-pacs.

Aluminum Phosphide

Degesch Phostoxin Prepacs

Prepacs all contain the same quantity per pail.
Select the item with the most appropriate number of prepacs in a pouch that you will need at one time.

Item #R20-238 4-Prepac’s per Pouch/12 Pouches per Pail
Item #R20-236 3-Prepac’s per Pouch/16 Pouches per Pail
Item #R20-239 2-Prepac’s per Pouch/24 Pouches per Pail
Item #R20-237 1-Prepac per Pouch/48 Pouches per Pail

Degesch Phostoxin Prepac Rope

Item #R20-252 Prepac Rope/ 198 Tablets per Rope 12 Mini-Ropes/Pail
Item #R20-250 Prepac Rope/1056 Tablets per Rope 2 Ropes/Pail

Degesch Phostoxin Pellets

Phostoxin Pellets Manual

Item #R20-233 Pellets-1666 per flask/21 flasks per CS

Degesch Phostoxin Tablets

Item #R20-222 Tablets-333 per flask/21 flasks per CS

Magnesium Phosphide

Degesch Magtoxin Prepac Spot Fumigant

Magtoxin Requires Stewardship Training.

Item #R20-248 Magtoxin Prepac-66 Pellets per Prepac 5 Prepac per Pouch/12 Pouches per Pail

MagnaPhos® Plates

MagnaPhos® is a fast acting, value-priced magnesium phosphide fumigant formulation. It generates phosphine, a fumigant for use on stored raw agricultural commodities, processed foods, animal feed and feed ingredients. MagnaPhos® kills the most destructive pests such as grain-boring insects, moths, weevils and beetles deep within commodities or packaged products.

Item #R20-405 MagnaPhos® Plates 60 Plates per Pail

Degesch Fumi-Cel

Item #R20-244 Fumi-Cel 120 Plates per Pail

Degesch Fumi-Strip

Item #R20-241 Fumi-Strip 20 cells per Strip/ 6 Strips per Pail



Phosphine Gas (2%) in a cylinder with CO2. Non-flammable. Eliminates reaction time and waste materials associated with solid phosphine products. Dispensed from outside structures for maximum safety.
Requires Stewardship Training.

Item #R20-345 Eco2Fume Phosphine Gas 68 lb Cylinder

Eco2Fume Placard, Envelopes and Manuals

Item #3400 Eco2Fume Placard 10x 12 (Sold by Each)
Item #33366 “Sticky Back” Envelope for Eco2Fume (500 per Box)
Item #3402 Manual for Eco2Fume (Sold by Each)

Fumigant – Misc.


Item #337 Sign Building “Phosphine” Danger Sold by Each
Item #339 Sign Railcar “Phosphine” Danger Sold by Each

Disposal instruction for phosphine.

(Sold by Each)

Item #3335 Fumicel/Fumistrip
Item #3346 Magtoxin
Item #3325 Prepac
Item #3345 Prepac Rope

Disposal Envelopes

Item #3321 Disposal Envelope
Item #33365 “Sticky Back” Envelope f/Railcar (500 per box)


(Sold by Each)

Item #3305 Magtoxin
Item #3302 Phosphine Pellets/ Tablets
Item #3329 Fumicel/Fumistrip
Item #3338 Tablet Prepac