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Gas Detection Equipment

A single gas monitor for situations like fumigations, or a multiple gas monitor for confined spaces may be necessary depending on the situation.  Many manufacturers make gas detection equipment, but only a few offer the dependable capabilities to detect an array of gases important in this industry.  For more information on selecting the appropriate gas detection equipment for your individual situation, please contact us.

Pumps and Tubes

Advantages of pumps and tubes include simplicity, broadest availability of gas capabilities, and no need to calibrate equipment. These are most economical when a small number of readings are necessary.

Dräger Accuro Pumps

Item #70-1780 Dräger Accuro Pump Bellows Only w/ Opener and Wrench
Item #70-1800 Dräger Accuro Deluxe Pump Kit 4056443 /4053474

Dräger Tubes

Item #70-171 Ammonia 5-700 ppm CH20501
Item #70-176 Carbon Monoxide 5-700ppm CH25601
Item #70-185 Chlorine .02-30 ppm CH24301
Item #70-168 Hydrogen Sulfide 5-600 ppm CH29801
Item #70-1757 Methyl Bromide .5-30 ppm 8101671
Item #70-1751 Phosphine Lo tubes .1-3 ppm 8103711
Item #70-1755 Phosphine Lo Lo tubes .01-1.0 ppm 8101611
Item #70-174 Phosphine Hi tubes 50-1000 ppm CH21201
Item #70-1761 Phosphoric Acid Esters (DDVP) .05 ppm 6728461
Item #70-1730 Oxygen 5-23vl% 8103261
Item #70-184 Sulphur Dioxide 20-2000 ppm CH2420

MSA Basic Kwik-Draw Pump

Item #80-081 MSA Basic Kwik-Draw Pump #488543 with Adapter & Pouch

Please call 1-800-477-4432 for more gas detection tubes

Single Gas Electrochemical Instruments

These instruments provide immediate and constant digital readouts of a target gas level, as well as visual and audible warnings if pre-set alarm levels are detected. These are most appropriate for monitoring personal breathing zones; however accessory pumps are available for remote sampling of certain confined spaces. Electrochemical sensors should be alarm tested before each use, and most units require periodic calibration. The following overview presents instruments with phosphine sensors. Please call to inquire about the availability of other gas sensors.

Dräger Pac 7000

The PAC 7000 unit has the famous Dräger quality that operates on a sensor for 2 years. Battery must be replaced every 6 months. Replacement 3V camera batteries are available at hardware stores and sensors can be ordered. It has a rugged and secure alligator-style belt clip.
This has a safety rating of UL Class II – G. Calibration service available.

Item #70-3021 Drager Pac 7000 PH3 (Phosphine)
Item #70-3024 Drager Pac 7000 O2 (Oxygen)
Item #70-3022 Drager Pac 7000 CO2 (Carbon dioxide)

Accesories for the Dräger PAC 7000

Item #70-2092 Dust Filter Sold by Each (4 filters per Pkg)
Item #80-1304 Belt Clip Kit includes clip and screws

Multi-Gas Electrochemical Instruments

Dräger X-AM 5000

The smallest gas detection instrument for up to five gases, the Drager X-AM 5000 belongs to a new generation of detectors developed especially for personal monitoring. It reliably measures oxygen, organic vapors, combustible gases and harmful concentrations of CO, H2S, CO2, CL2, HCN, NO2, PH3 and SO2 with high sensitivity to keep the user safe.

Item #70-2995 Drager X-AM 5000 with O2 & LEL Sensors Installed
Item #70-2984 Drager X-AM 5000 Confined Space Kit 

Honeywell Gas Alert Micro 5

The GasAlertMicro 5 from Honeywell is unparalleled in its versatility, performance and overall value. Simultaneously monitor and display up to five atmospheric hazards with the GasAlertMicro 5 Series. This is a compact and lightweight monitor that stands up to tough conditions. It has an audible, visual and vibrating alarm for increased safety and a large backlit LCD screen for easy reading.
This has a safety rating of UL Class I, Div. 1, Grade A, B, C, D and not rated for high concentrations dust/grain areas.

Includes pump, charger, battery tubing with water trap & rock filter and Calib tubing
Oxygen, Combustible, Carbon Monoxide & Phosphine

For Calibration of units or replacement parts please call Customer Service @ 1-800-477-4432