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Respiratory Protection


Dräger X-Plore 6000 Series Masks

This full face mask features a double sealing frame that forms a double seal around the user’s face and a nose cup which provides a third seal against contaminants.

Item #80-1030 X-Plore #6530 Black Fullface-Nova R51525
Item #80-1317 Dräger Spectacle kit for Dräger Mask R51548
Item #70-1766 Dräger Canister Phosphine, Tear Gas, PH3/P-100 Cartridge #6737360
Item #70-1262 Dräger Canister A2B2 OV/ACIDGS/CL/HC/SD

Dräger X-Plore 5500

This face mask offers safe protection and a secure fit for almost all face shapes. It’s made of durable EPDM which ensures a great level of wearing comfort. It has 180 degree wide angle for a large field of view. There is one universal size to simplify storage. The 5500 is equipped with two lateral bayoner connections for use with the baynot filters.

Item #80-1029 X-Plore #5500 Twin Filter Fullface Mask
Item #70-1233 Organic Vapor Cartridge R6738024 2 per Pkg


MSA Full Face Gas Mask

There is the economical Advantage 3100 or the higher quality Ultravue facepiece. They are a chin-type gas mask where the small round plastic canister attaches directly to the facepiece. They are designed for respiratory protection against a specific gas or group of gases. They are generally suitable for ventilated areas with relatively stable contaminant concentration levels.

Item #80-1021 MSA Advantage #3100 Medium # 10028998
Item #80-1042 MSA Ultra-Vue Large #471230
Item #80-1271 MSA Canister PH3, AM, CL, P-100 #10059903
(Phosphine,Ammonia,Chlorine and Oil Based Particulates)

MSA Ultra-Twin ® Respirator

A full facepiece twin cartridge respirator for protection against a variety of respiratory hazards. The chemical cartridges or aerosol filters, or a combination of the two, remove specific contaminants.

Item #81-120 MSA Mask Ultra-Twin Medium #471286
(Available in different sizes)

MSA Spectacle Kit

An adjustable holder inside the ultravue facepiece for persons who must wear corrective lenses. The lenses are not included. Regular glasses cannot be worn with SCBA or gas mask facepiece.

Item #80-1316 MSA Spectacle Kit #454819