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OCTOBER 1 – OCTOBER 31, 2019

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SureKill® Command Blocks

Command Blocks contain the active ingredient bromadiolone, a single-feed, second generation anticoagulant, providing excellent control in less time after a lethal dose is consumed. This all-weather formulation reduces the risk of ruined bait, while food grade ingredients provide an irresistible formulation for effective control in most environments, whether for maintenance or during clean out, for indoor and outdoor control of rats, mice and other non-commensal rodents.

Item #116836 SureKill® Command Blocks 18 lb Pail

TakeDown Soft Bait

TakeDown soft bait is the first and only bromethalin soft bait for the professional pest control market. It combines the power of an acute rodenticide with the palatability of soft bait. Effective for heavy infestations, especially in a commercial setting. Combats anticoagulant-resistant rodent populations.

Item #15-137 TakeDown Soft Bait

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Border Control

Border Control is a thin, paper-backed glue board that comes in a 60-foot  roll. It is easy to carry, simple to deploy, and can fence off crawling insects or mice quickly and easily. Border Control can be cut to fit almost any situation.

  • 60 ft long roll; thin and easy to use
  • 12 inches wide, nothing makes it across
  • Special adhesive stays tacky a very long time
  • Cuts easily with scissors or utility knife.

Slide Border Control under pallets, or inside the fork-slots; tape to a thin sheet of plywood or paneling.

Item #30-720 Bird Barrier Border Control sold in 60 ft rolls

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