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TurboCide Gold®
Fogging System

The power and performance custom-designed for processing plants and distribution centers.

In today’s world, it takes a systematic approach to achieve top results with your pest management program. However, systematic doesn’t mean complex. Often, the simplest systems are the most effective. IFC’s objective with TurboCide Gold® is to provide a high performance, simple-to-operate insecticide delivery system for a wide variety of applications. TurboCide Gold® incorporates simplicity with a manifold delivery system and a specified dosing cylinder to achieve this goal.

TurboCide Gold® offers a formulation and application System that is simpler, safer and better performing than other fogging systems. The product is applied remotely through a fixed system that requires minimum labor and minimizes employee exposure during the application. TurboCide Gold® utilizes liquid CO2 as a carrier and diluents to thoroughly disperse the active ingredient into treated spaces without worries about oil residues.

TurboCide Gold® also signifies a commitment by IFC to you as a client. IFC understands and responds to the unique needs for customer service, technical support, and pest management advice in the food and commodity industries. A TurboCide Gold® System will not only be designed for your needs today, but will be adaptable to new products and changing needs in the future. IFC will be your partner in the goal to achieve outstanding pest management and total quality objectives.


Maximum Reliability & Effectiveness

Safety is a primary element of the TurboCide Gold® Advanced Fogging Technology™. Our first concern with any fogging system is safety. This system is designed to minimize worker exposure to insecticide.

  • There is no manual mixing or dilution
  • No filling of containers
  • Equal insecticide dosage for each application
  • Treatments are carried out remotely
  • Operator exposure is minimized and treatments are precise and repeatable.


Efficiency & Flexibility

The TurboCide Gold® Advanced Fogging Technology™ provides effective, safe and economical distribution for fogging pesticides. The TurboCide Gold® Advanced Fogging Technology™ Systems are expandable and designed for minimal maintenance. These systems are custom-designed and installed based on the specific needs of your facility.

  • Utilizes the unprecedented delivery power of liquid CO2, so even large facilities can be treated efficiently.
  • The system is cost effective due to:
  • Very low labor requirements
  • Reduced down times for treatments
  • Flexible: Systems are custom-designed with options that allow specific user needs to be achieved.