Bird Control

IFC has a professional staff capable of assessing a pest bird situation and implementing the most appropriate deterrent measures for large and small projects.

Why Bird Management Is Important

  • Health Risk – Bird droppings contain feces and urine and are pathogenic – birds are vectors of disease.
  • Building and Equipment Damage – Bird droppings are highly acidic and they etch their image into surfaces.
  • Clean-up Costs – Eliminate time consuming and costly pressure washing by elimination the source.
  • Safety – Bird droppings, when fresh, are slippery and are thus a slip and fall hazard when employees/ customers walk through them.
  • Rooftop Issues – Bird Droppings damage and degrade today’s expensive rooftop materials. Clogged drains often result.
  • Audit Flags – “Dirty on the outside, dirty on the inside.”

How IFC Can Help

  • Pest Bird Facility Risk Assessments
  • Product Sales for Do-It-Yourself Jobs
  • Proposals for Professional Work
  • Installed Solutions

IFC Provides:

  • Safe and humane solutions.
  • Integrated Pest Management based – the bird, the building and the behavior are all taken into account.
  • The best professional grade materials and the know-how to select the right products and plan for each situation.
  • Expert workmanship.
  • Guaranteed results.