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The Proactive Way to Trak Service™

IFC’s ProTrak™ electronic reporting system offers unparalleled service information, trending and tracking capabilities for rodent control, insect light trap (ILT) monitoring, pheromone monitoring and many other IPM functions. Historical IPM data can be used to help design the most effective pest management solutions, analyze current pest activity and assist in resolving potential pest management issues in the future. This comprehensive information, stored in a digital format and accessible 24 hours a day, is a powerful tool in helping to understand pest activity from a broad perspective and for maintaining audit requirements.

Key System Features Include:

  • Track, monitor and report all types of pest, rodent, sanitation/maintenance issues and corrective actions taken.
  • Monitor pest activity in all type of devices and identify locations not serviced.
  • Create trending analysis reports and graph activity (pest, rodent sanitation/maintenance).
  • Custom reports for clients can be delivered automatically via email on scheduled intervals.
  • Site and floor plan maps dynamically report pest activity, sanitation or maintenance issues.
  • Corporate clients can view all facilities nationwide.
  • A critically important compliance tool for GFSI, BRC, AIB, USDA, FDA and other regulatory agencies.